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  • Claudia Sauter-Steiger

Finding Your Passion

What is your passion? Have you found it? Or have perhaps you forgot or gave up on it?

Getting to know what you are passionate about is best described as a journey and not a destination. It is a road of discovery into the things that make you uniquely you. And as you progress on this journey, you will not only realize that there are many things to be passionate about, but also that it is fun to explore and pursue deeper with the people you meet along the way. So how do you start this journey? While this is not the only starting point, here are two ways that worked for us.

Explore what you love

What are the things that you love? Or the things that you are good at? What takes no energy to complete but rather even the thought of having to do this, gets you excited. This can be at work, at home or when you are by yourself. Dive a little bit deeper and ask yourself why you love that something, specifically.

Solving a complex problem may excite you but exploring your reasons may reveal that the excitement may come from being outside your comfort zone; trying and testing multiple ideas; or simply the satisfaction of seeing something solved. You may realize then, that the unique reason you identified also show itself in other areas and doing that will increase your enjoyment of what you do. For example, trying and testing multiple ideas can also be applied in how you do routine tasks, or how you exercise; or seeing something solved can also be achieved by doing a two minute brainteaser.

Explore what you hate or makes you furious

None of us really dislike the same thing for the same reasons, just like we don’t get angry for the same reasons. And strange as it may sound, understanding why certain things create such a “negative” emotion in you, may show you what some of your passions are.

A personal example is that I realized that I love rhythm and when it comes to music, rhythm is more important than melody for me. I realized this because what bothers me most when I listen to music is if the timing is somehow off. It doesn’t take me long to realize and before I know it, all I hear is what is not working.

So, start your journey in finding your passion today!

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